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A very warm welcome to the Stevenage Festival website

Welcome to Stevenage Festival! The purpose of the Festival is to provide a showcase for all the exciting talent that we have right here on our doorsteps in Stevenage. It takes place every two years and involves something like two thousand local performers and artists of all descriptions. For each Festival we have about a series of performances in our very own Gordon Craig Theatre and we also have a vibrant fringe of smaller events taking place around the town. Whether you are into fine art, poetry, photography, theatre, dance, books or classical music, there's something on for you.

Lots of our performances feature young people taking their first steps in an activity that they love - please come along and support them. Who knows, some of them may go on to great things - and you saw them here first.

The bad news is ... you've missed a great Festival in 2019. You'll have to visit the history pages (see History link in menu) to see information about that.

The next full Festival is due in June 2021 (tentatively 12th - 26th). We held our AGM in November 2019 and that is where we gather potential ideas for items for the 2021 Festival. If you missed the meeting and want do be included in the 2021 Festival then do get in touch (via email/Facebook) and we'd be glad to include you.

Unfortunately COVID came along in 2020 and it seems as though we may not be clear of it before the scheduled start of the Festival.

Currently (Jan 2021) it looks like the Schools and Music Schools in the area won't be able to support the Gordon Craig events in terms of preparing materials and also with the current guess at the possible seat fill level at the Gordon Craig Theatre (i.e less than 50 percent fill being allowed) it would be uneconomic to stage events there.

So it seems there won't be audience events in the Theatre at Festival time. However, if there is a removal of seating restrictions before the Festival and if there are groups available that can put on a performance we will try to arrange events at short notice.

In 2019 we again supported Rock in the Park and you can find details about the day here.

Similar things apply for the Fringe events - if COVID conditions improve such that Fringe events are possible (either REAL or Virtual events online) then we will post them on the Website and on our Facebook page, probably at short notice.

If, in the end, it turns out that we can't organise a festival for 2021 then we will consider a Mini-festival in 2022.

I would like to thank all the people who make this Festival possible - all the local groups and individuals who work so hard to put on performances and events and the audiences who come to support them; our patrons for their support; Stevenage Arts Guild, which keeps the arts on the agenda all year round; Hertfordshire Music Service; local councillors who have squeezed funds for us out of their locality budgets; the Gordon Craig Theatre and my committee of volunteers who work tirelessly to make the whole thing happen.

Ron Walkers photo  Ron Walker Chairman, Stevenage Festival

Stevenage Festival Organisation

Festivals like this take a long time to plan.

If you are a local arts group and want to know more or would like to be involved then please contact us.

If you have any questions, or want to provide feedback about events, please feel free to contact us via our contacts page. Your feedback is always appreciated.

The Festival is grateful to the following patrons for their support:
The Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, The Lord Cobbold,
Martha Lytton-Cobbold, Rebecca Hughes,
Councillor Richard Henry, Simon Speller,
Professor Howard Burrell, Marie Joy Taylor,
Ellen Terry May Craig, Helen Craig,
Vicki Michelle and Giles Terera

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