Stevenage Festival

Festival Photos 2017 - Knebworth Players
"Are you being served"

The story premise ws that Grace Brothers was being redecorated the following day and the first promotion when the work was done would be a German week. So the staff needed to setup for German Week and then have a holiday in Costa Plonka whilst the work was done.
Photos: Courtesy of Chris Thurston on behalf of Stevenage Festival.


Miss Brahms arriving at the store

Miss Brahms arrives at the store looking pregnant, turns out that she just has a rucksack strapped to her front to appear so, so she can get a seat on the train.

Mrs. Slocum climbing out from lift

The lift bringing Mrs. Slocum to the Floor fails and stops above the floor. Mrs. Slocum has to climb out from lift with Captain Peacock and Mr. Lucas watching.

Mr. Humphries arriving in the post

Mr. Humphries arriving in the post - he had been to a party and got himself packed up and "posted" to the store.

The German Dance

For German week the staff had to wear traditional clothes and do a dance. Old Mr. Grace looks on and collapses saying "You've all done very well."

Arrival at Dom Bernado in Costa Plonka

The staff arrive in Costa Plonka, a country ripe for a revolution, at Dom Bernado, 1 star hotel.

Waitress carrying bag

The waitress, who has a fancy for Mr. Humphries, helps carry their bags to their accomodation (as most of the hotel isn't finished yet) which turns out to be tents.

Waiter/owner pouring wine

They have their meal at the table. The Hotel owner pours the wine from the carafe which makes them all need the toilet. Some notes arranging trysts get misdelivered setting up a farce with people swapping rooms and turning up at the wrong tents for their assignations.

Mr. Humphries phone call

Mr. Humphries gets a call from his mother and the resulting phone call is disturbed by the waitress trying to get amourous with him.

The revolution!

The following morning the revolution starts and the hotel is strafed causing them all to hide under the table.

Attaching a Help British sign to the balloon

The only thing they can do is attach a sign to the balloon to show they are british....

The Balloon rises!

....and as the balloon rises, it takes the loo with it!

Cast taking a bow

The cast take a bow.

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