Stevenage Festival

Festival Photos 2017 - Rock in the Park (page 1)

RITP is bound with Stevenage Day and this year was a good one. Good weather - Good Music and a Good time had by all. To view the second page of images click here.


Keith Baldwin
This photo (courtesy of The Comet) shows the layout of the whole Stevenage Day site. RITP is in the top left hand corner.

Stevenage Ukelele Band
This photo (courtesy of The Comet) shows a more detailed view of the RITP site. You can see the Big Red Bus, which was actually the bar closest to the stages (which were the two large silvery objects above and to the right of it).

Big Red Bus bar
As mentioned above the Bus was the bar closest to the RITP stage. It was busy almost non-stop all the day and into the evening.

The stage setup for 2017
This photo shows the Stage setup this year. With the acoustic and Main Stages next to each other it was much easier to setup one stage whilst performances continued on the other stage. You can see the speaker stacks hung to the left and right of the two Stages. The red tent contained the Sound mixing desk.

Of course, Stevenage Day is all about fun... and having some Minions about helped as well.

It takes LOADS of organisation to get Stevenage Day and RITP going and here's Geoff Caine who runs Stevenage Day for the Borough council. You can see the RITP stage being constructed behind him.

Kriss from the Practice Rooms Live
The Music also takes organising and Kriss (from The Practice Roomz) takes care of that, selecting the bands from those that volunteer to appear and generally making the music side happen.

The idea behind Rock in the Park was always to enjoy the music and what better way to do that than picnic and listen to the bands and artists.

Sophie Kitchener on the Acoustic Stage
Sophie Kitchener kicked it all off for us with a set on the Acoustic Stage at 12 o'clock.

Cove on the Main Stage
Cove opened the Main Stage for us at 12:30. Photo courtesy Ian Randall Photographic.

Dallenger on the Acoustic Stage
Dallenger sang on the Acoustic Stage at 1 pm. Photo courtesy Ian Randall Photographic.
Futureship played on the Main Stage at 1:30pm

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