Stevenage Festival

Festival Photos 2017 - Rock in the Park (page 2)

RITP is bound with Stevenage Day and this year was a good one. Good weather - Good Music and a Good time had by all. To view the first page of images click here.


The Skeltons on the Acoustic Stage
At 2pm on the Acoustic Stage the country group "The Skeltons" took to the stage. Photo courtesy Ian Randall Photography

Codename Colin
The Main stage took over at 2:30pm with "Codename Colin".

Back to the Acoustic Stage at 3pm for Georgia Nevada.

The Cardinal Kings
The Cardinal Kings took over on the Main Stage at 3:30pm.

Jasmin Donovan on the Acoustic Stage at 4pm.

Mark Sullivan, who performed a solo artist at the previous RITP, sang on the Main Stage with his band at 4:30pm.

At 5pm Spacegoat came onto the Acoustic stage to perform for us.

Indi_and_the_Vegas on the main stage
Indi and the Vegas were the next band on the Main Stage at 5:30pm.

Darline on the Acoustic Stage
Darline were the last act on the Acoustic Stage at 6pm.

Chron Gen on the main stage
And rounding off the evening at 6:30pm with a bang - Chron Gen

Happy folk listening to the Music
As can be seen here, space was a bit tight when lots of people arrived but everyone enjoyed themselves.
The good folks at ESS Hire
Here's some of the crew from ESS Hire who helped set up the staging and ran the sound for us this time.

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