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It has came back AGAIN! ... and was free!
King George V Playing Fields,
Part of Stevenage Day

Between 1996 and 2007 'Rock in the Park' was a much loved Stevenage event. Taking place in Fairlands Valley Park, it grew from a small concert with about 200 attendees to a yearly fun day for thousands of people enjoying a free family day out. Many local bands performed on the bandstand stage and many ocal people worked hard as volunteers to make the event happen.

Sadly the day became a victim of its own success when it proved impossible for volunteers to continue to deliver such a popular event, within the physical constraints of the Fairlands location, tothe public safety standards demanded today - and to keep it free too. But many people, including the Festival, have never given up on being able to bring back something like Rock in the Park to Stevenage. For the past three years Stevenage Borough Council has worked with local recording studio The Practice Roomz to introduce a music stage to another well-loved local event - Stevenage Day. And last year Stevenage Festival has joined with them to inject a bit more of the old Rock in the Park magic.

So, last year, it was in a park (albeit a different one), it was free and it had a great rock line-up. We brought together the best of our local music talent on two great sound stages, finishing with a great headliner to close the event with ChronGen.

The hope for the day was -
"So come along and spend a lazy June Sunday afternoon sitting on the grass with your friends and family with a cold drink in your hand, listening to Stevenage bands old and new. Bring a picnic, enjoy the stalls, kids rides and entertainment that Stevenage Day has to offer and have a great day out."

For this year we are expecting the same. Great weather (DRY!) and great music on two stages.

The Music will be very wide ranging in style from psychedelic Ska to Heavy-ish Metal. We'd like to get bigger and better in future years - more bands, more facilities, but we can only do this and keep it free if we all work together. If you loved Rock in the Park this year then please support us with this first step towards building it back to its past glory. If you think Stevenage needs events like this then tell your friends, tell your local Councillors, tell everyone!

Stevenage Festival -
Keep up with what's happened on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/RITPStevenage and also have a look at our photo galleries for the Main and Acoustic stages.

Bands and artists on the stages

Main Stage

Acts scheduled to appear (Approx.times):

  12:00     Zephyr Rising - Facebook - SoundCloud - Twitter - Spotify - YouTube
  12:30     Tilly Ruddick - Facebook - SoundCloud - YouTube
  12:50     Smokin' Rope - Facebook - YouTube
  13:20     Taylor Nathan - Facebook page - Soundcloud
  13:40     Robyn and the Hoods - Facebook page     Soundcloud page
  14:10     Georgia Nevada - Facebook page - Twitter
  14:30     Auto Pilot Go - Facebook page - Bandcamp - YouTube
  15:00     Kelvin Davies - Facebook - YouTube
  15:20     Space Goat - Facebook page - Twitter - YouTube
  15:50     Jasmin Donovan - Facebook page - Twitter
  16:10     Viana Bay - Facebook page - Twitter
  16:40     Connor Wells - Facebook page - Twitter - Soundcloud - YouTube - Spotify - Website
  17:00     Almamor - Facebook page - YouTube - Website
  17:00     TAI - Facebook Page - YouTube - Twitter
  18:00     Mark Sullivan - Facebook Page - Twitter page - Soundcloud - Website

If you want to view last years set of performers then look here.

"Rock in the Park" T Shirts

IF you've been on the RITP Facebook you may have seen the image for our Rock in the Park memorabilia T shirts - there are still some available - Here are the costs: £3 for one, £5 for a pair. IF you want one (or two) then get back in touch with us via email on info@stevenage-festival.co.uk stating sizes and we'll organise the sale and getting them to you. Or come along on the day and buy them at the Stevenage Festival stand.

Of course these sort of events take lots of planning and organisation and special thanks go to .... Kriss Lawrence at The Practice Roomz and Geoff Caine at Stevenage Borough Council.

Stevenage Festival

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