The Stevenage Fringe – 1994

Congratulations to the hundreds of local performers who took part in the Stevenage Festival 2009.

There were a huge variety of events celebrating the arts in Stevenage during the festival that weren't part of the 1994 main programme.

Background Note: Stevenage Artscape were a local charity (now not in existence) which helped organise the theatre groups event at sheltered accomodation and also the Lantern making for the Lantern procession.

As well as the performances at the Gordon Craig Theatre, the festival also included many smaller events in and around Stevenage which are detailed below.

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Arts Guild Display8 - 16 October
Parnassus - Celebration8 October
The Elderflowers9/12/14 October
Parnassus - Micky's Night Out13 October
Songs of Praise/Flower Festival16 October
Lantern Procession16 October

8 - 16 October

Boxfield Gallery and Theatre Foyer, Stevenage Leisure Centre


Exhibition of work by Stevenage Artists Co-operative, Stevenage Photographic Society, South Stevenage Flower Clun and Stevenage Water Colour Group.

Tickets: Free admission

8 October at 8pm

Springfield House

Parnassus Performance present:

A misture of Music and Poetry by Parnassus Performance.

9 October
12 October
14 October

Various places

Stevenage Artscape present:
The Elderflowers

The Eldersflowers are a touring theatre group for the over 50s made by the over 50s.

They will be presenting The Late Late Summer Show at various sheltered accomodation locations in the town. TImes yet to be announced.

Thu 13th October at 8pm

Community Arts Centre, Roaring Meg

Parnassus Performance present:
Micky's Night Out

More poetry and Music from Parnassus.

Sun 16th October

St. Georges Church, Cuttys Lane, Stevenage.

Songs of Praise/Flower Festival

The Flower festival will run through the day and the Songs of Praise will be in the early evening.

Tickets: Free event

Sun 16th October at Dusk

Town Centre

Stevenage Artscape presents:
Lantern Procession

During the festival week Artscape, in conjunction with other artists will have been creating lanterns for this procession.

Tickets: Free

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